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At APTN, we’re encouraging everyone to speak their language with pride

As the network representing Indigenous Peoples, we’re joining in the effort to help protect Indigenous languages—and the stories that go with them—through our Speak With Pride initiative. Why? Because we believe that when we lose a language, we lose more than just words. We lose meaning. We lose culture. We lose the ability to learn from history—and more importantly, the ability to change it. And with 70+ Indigenous languages in danger of disappearing within the next generation, now’s the time to speak up.

The map below showcases many of the language families represented in Canada, and the number of people who speak them.

Language map
Algonquian languages
Inuit languages
Athabaskan languages
Salish languages
Siouan languages
Iroquoian languages
Tsimshian languages
Wakashan languages
Michif languages
Haida languages
Tlingit languages
Kutenai languages
Languages Languages
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Help breathe new life into languages

Show your pride and support of your language

We’ve created a full suite of creative ways you can show your pride—like phone and laptop backgrounds, and more.

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Make your voice heard

If you speak an endangered Indigenous language or know of someone who does, or if you’re simply interested in sharing your experience related to an endangered language, we’d love to hear from you. You can add your voice by registering your name or nominating another language speaker today.

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